Project 900 Parish Discussion

In preparation for the relaunch of Project 900 later in the year, Jonathan Mitchell – who is supporting the project in the wider steering group – led a short update for the congregation and wider community of the church on 20th June 2021. He set out the progress being made in confirming the objectives and purpose of the project and its schedule of planned activities. Lots more information about what we are planning will now emerge over the coming months as plans are settled and arrangements are made, but meanwhile Jonathan has promised a more regular rhythm of updates to keep the community informed about the project and its progress. 

Jonathan also invited those present to Contact us in the Project 900 team if able to contribute in any way. Of course, we are especially keen to hear from those who may be able to contribute financially to our fundraising objectives, and Jonathan will shortly be reaching out to members of the community to discuss giving. But he emphasised that it is just as important for the St Giles’ community to support the project in any way they can: helping with the arrangements for fundraising events and assisting in the identification and engagement of prospective donors are just two ways in which individuals can make a huge difference. All friends of the church and supporters of our project are asked to Contact us in the Project 900 team if they think they can help. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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