Nicholas Prozzillo celebrates 10 years as St Giles’ Choir Director

The cheque is presented

Earlier this month, the singers, friends and supporters of St Giles’ choirs  interrupted their Friday evening’s rehearsal to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our Choir Director‘s joining St Giles’ and beginning his transformational work. In addition to some personalized tokens of our esteem (not least a psalm composed in his honour), Dr Prozzillo’s well-wishers raised £1,525 to sponsor an organ pipe in honour of this momentous milestone.

The choir sings a specially worded psalm

As befits Nicholas’ musical tastes, the church’s organist, Andrew Patterson, purchased five pipes with this money: a G, representing our Patron Saint Giles; and then B♭, A, C and B♮, which, in German musical notation, spells out ‘BACH’. A fitting tribute – we look forward to seeing and hearing what the next ten years will bring!

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