8 July: St Giles’ 900 years of history, a parish in a city context

Diversity in St Giles’ – Past; Present; Future

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Join us as we celebrate the rich legacy and vibrant heritage of St Giles’ Church, which has stood as a cornerstone of faith and community for an incredible nine centuries. Our event is a tribute to the enduring spirit of this iconic church and the people who have shaped its story.

Explore the pages of history as we take you on a journey through the ages, highlighting the significant milestones, architectural marvels, and the profound impact St Giles’ Church has had on the city of Oxford. From its humble beginnings to its present-day role as a spiritual sanctuary and cultural hub, our event will provide a captivating insight into the church’s evolution. (ChatGPT)


Professor William Whyte: (Chair of the Oxford Preservation Trust, Senior Responsible Owner and Chair of Project Board for the Stephen A Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities): “St Giles’ at 900, the parish in its city context”


St Giles’ musicians: Presentations with musical interludes


Wine and Canapés


  • Single: £12
  • Concession: Senior, under 18, unwaged: £10
  • Family Ticket: 2 adults, 2 children: £20
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