St Giles’ Building and Renovation

Target: £95,000
Pledged So Far: £58,000

The PCC has approved exciting plans for various buildings works that will refresh the church and its facilities in support of the wide range of activities supported by St Giles’. These include concerts, church services, musical activities and many other things. We’re planning to renew the kitchen facilities to provide improved arrangements for supporting refreshments for busy musicians, audiences and congregations. In addition a second toilet and flower preparation area will be added. Work to add storage and renovate various electrical works is planned. And some essential repair and redecoration works are included, including repairs to an ancient crypt and floor at the west end of the church. Please view the plans here to see more detail about what is proposed.
Proposed North Vestry Plan Option 1
Proposed North Vestry Plan Option 2
Proposed North Vestry Sections 2 Option 2

Those with an interest in St Giles’ as a beautiful, ancient building and as a venue for a lively and enriching range of activities at the centre of our city are encouraged to support Project 900 by contributing funds to assist us in these developments. Please see our ‘Donate‘ page for information about how you can help us.

If you are in a position to make a major gift in support of our Project 900 plans, we would be happy to discuss it with you. We are a UK Registered Charity (1135246). Do please get in touch with us.

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