A variety of activities is planned which will help to meet our targets and provide cheerful involvement with the community.

This will involve musical and cultural events, talks and festivals.

Types of events planned include:

Hymnathon/sponsor a hymn, Organ Marathon, ‘Bring and sing’ event, Xmas Tree Festival, Pop Star Concert, Local Artists’ Auction, Picnic at Grey’s Court, Choir Gaudy/Choir & Alumni Evensong, Chorister Reunion, Event for those baptised/married at St Giles’

Join our mailing list and we will let you know more about the events below for which we have already set dates.

Month / date (2022)Event
October 8thThe Oxley – Meier Guitar Project
October 15thOrgan Marathon from 2:00pm. St Giles’ and other organists playing during the afternoon, followed by a concert at 7.30pm
October 29thBrigitte Beraha featuring George Crowley, Alcyona Mick and Tim Giles
November 12thDonut Kings Big Band
December 3rdBudapest Café Orchestra
December 4thPiano Concert
January 15thPiano Concert

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