St Giles’ PCC endorses Project 900 targets

A summary of PCC decisions relating to Project 900

At an extraordinary meeting of St Giles’ PCC on 1st September 2021, key decisions were taken to define the targets and strategy of Project 900.  Full minutes of the PCC meeting will be available as soon as they are approved by PCC.

Broadly, the following items were considered in the meeting:

  • Take account of current state of fundraising progress.
  • Provide costs and priorities for the fundraising objectives of the project; 
  • Define alternative scenarios if the fundraising falls short of the targets 
  • Finalise an end date for the P900 campaign.

Current progress / Targets

It was agreed that the goal for the new organ should be £550,000

A target of £95,000 was set for building work.

The total fundraising target was set at £645,000, of which around £357,000 has already been pledged/paid.

Scaled-back building proposal

The PCC voted for the second two options presented by Christian Randall of Conservation Architects, costs of which break down as follows:

  • New kitchen, toilet and associated works: c. £41,500.
  • Redecoration of church: c. £30,000.
  • Vault restoration: c. £15,000.
  • Total: c. £86,500.

With c. £42,000 already raised for building work, it is hoped that the vast majority of the other building costs will be raised via grants and applications to trusts. The Project 900 Steering Committee would be able to focus their fundraising efforts on the new organ (an approach that proved successful when raising money for the roof). 

The PCC-approved plans will be on display next Sunday morning 26th Sept.

Project 900 Bank Account

A new account has been opened, overseen by Nicholas Prozzillo as P900 Treasurer. Funds already donated will soon be transferred to this account.

Alternative scenarios in case of fundraising shortfall.

With c. £340,000 in the bank already, it should be eminently possible to fall back on the £420,000 ‘Plan C’ organ outlined in previous meetings. In the almost unthinkable event of this being beyond our capabilities, the sum in the bank could pay for an organ of lower quality. The organ fundraising target is to be reviewed after Easter 2022 in light of fundraising progress by that date.  

Time span and closure date for the P900 campaign. 

  • Project 900 campaign will be relaunched on Saturday 2nd October 2021;
  • The calendar year 2022 sees the most intense period of fundraising activities;
  • Public fundraising activities will end at APCM 2023.
  • Project 900 will remain open to receiving donations until March 2024.

Project management of building work. 

Christian Randall will be project manager, reporting to Buildings Committee (chair: Paul Rutterford); since much of the proposed building work has been specified in the last Quinquennial, Buildings Committee will be consulted at every stage in the process, as they are responsible for the fabric of our building. Daniel Walters and Nicholas Prozzillo will join Buildings Committee.

These exciting plans will transform the facilities available for worship, musical performance and education, and wider church activities. But we cannot hope to realise these aspirations without the active and financial support of the St Giles’ community and its friends elsewhere. We need you to join us in the intensive effort that is now underway to make this vision come If you think you can help in any way, please speak to one of us, or email

Joanne Russell, Paul Rutterford, churchwardens

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